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Dear Sponsors – Community Swimming

Dear Sponsors and Friends.Our time at the Philippi Children’s Centre (PCC) pool is coming to an end and Headstart will no longer be operating there as of next term, however, at our main branch, Headstart Claremont (est. 2006) it will be swimming lessons as usual.We thank each of our sponsors for their financial

Community Swim Programs Updated

THANK YOU FOR HELPING US LEARN TO SWIM! We thank each of our sponsors for their financial (and other) support which has enabled us to teach 2760 sponsored swimming lessons. It has made such a great impact on the lives of the PCC children. Additionally, thanks to Headstart subsidisation we have also

Community Swim Programs

Background In May 2017 we gained access to a newly built indoor heated pool at the Philippi Children's Centre (PCC) and launched and have been running our swimming program there ever since. Our journey at Philippi Children's Centre so far has been a rewarding one - we have seen pupils who initially

Help someone float their boat

https://www.news24.com/SouthAfrica/Local/Peoples-Post/help-someone-float-their-boat-20170626 The instructors at Headstart Swim School in Claremont encourage domestic workers to take swimming skills seriously. Janice Probyn, spokesperson of the school, says they have decided to give discounted lessons to domestic workers to reduce the high number of drownings. She says the academy has discovered that many adults who cannot swim are

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