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Myths and truths of swimming in winter

Myth 1

Over time, there have been wives tales about winter exposure that have left many parents confused and believing these myths. The following medical facts were given by pediatrician, Dr.Norm Payne.

Myth#1: Swimming, cold and wind may cause ear infections

Fact: Middle ear infections, common in small children, are caused by viruses or infectious colds. Typically, fluid from the Eustachian tubes in the ear, drain through the nose and throat. During illness, passages constrict, and the fluid builds up and becomes infected. Swimming causes swimmer’s ear, which is not a middle ear problem, and is more easily treated

Help someone float their boat

The instructors at Headstart Swim School in Claremont encourage domestic workers to take swimming skills seriously.

Janice Probyn, spokesperson of the school, says they have decided to give discounted lessons to domestic workers to reduce the high number of drownings.

She says the academy has discovered that many adults who cannot swim are scared of water and the academy’s first approach is helping its students gain confidence in water and make swimming enjoyable.

Probyn says swimming is a vital life skill as it does not just help to reduce drowning but also provides a healthy lifestyle.

She says: “We believe that learning to swim

Community Swim Programs


In May 2017 we gained access to a newly built indoor heated pool at the Philippi Children’s Centre (PCC) and launched and have been running our swimming program there ever since.
Our journey at Philippi Children’s Centre so far has been a rewarding one – we have seen pupils who initially arrived at swimming fearful and crying, persist and learn to swim on their own and in fact absolutely love their lessons. When we watch lessons at PCC now we are thrilled to see the progress our pupils are making as well as how much they love their time

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