In May 2017 we gained access to a newly built indoor heated pool at the Philippi Children’s Centre (PCC) and launched and have been running our swimming program there ever since.
Our journey at Philippi Children’s Centre so far has been a rewarding one – we have seen pupils who initially arrived at swimming fearful and crying, persist and learn to swim on their own and in fact absolutely love their lessons. When we watch lessons at PCC now we are thrilled to see the progress our pupils are making as well as how much they love their time in the water.
Before gaining access to the PCC pool we have always had a few children swimming at our Claremont pool for free (sponsored by Headstart).
Members of the public also attend lessons with us  – mainly on Saturday and Sunday and some on week day afternoons.
In November 2018 we had built up to teaching 81 pupils and in February 2019 we taught 113 children at our PCC pool.

Too many children drown each year

We believe that swimming is a life skill which is sadly out of many South Africans reach and this leads to a high incidence of drowning in our communities.
We are trying to make a difference in these communities by making swimming lessons affordable and accessible to people who would not otherwise have the opportunity.
We are not an NGO and our Claremont business has been subsidising these lessons.
We have had limited sponsorship from an American NGO and a few civic-minded individuals.

Sponsorship Opportunities – Save a life!

Unfortunately – as of April 2019 the largest of our sponsors is withdrawing their funding and we are looking for a new sponsor to cover the costs of lessons to pupils at PCC. We have not been making a profit off this program and will not be able to continue our program without a new sponsor. Our costs are high (electricity, instructors salary, security as well as other running costs, chemicals etc.)

Looking Forward 

Our Aim is to teach as many children and adults in the area to swim as possible. We would also like to also offer sponsored swimming lessons to the teachers and other staff at the school who cannot swim.
There are many children and adults in the area who would love to learn to swim but cannot afford to pay fees.

We need your help to increase this number! Every little bit counts – R330 sponsors a child to swim for a term.

Please can I ask that you consider sponsoring Headstart swim school’s swimming program in Philippi and help us to save lives by preventing drownings.

The success of this swimming program is evident in the smiling pupils that arrive at their lessons and dive into the swimming pool confidently and expectantly. Ready to learn the next skill.

We are ready to roll this program out in other communities should we find other adequate facilities and generous sponsors.

Contact us now to help reduce drowning