Dear Sponsors and Friends.

Our time at the Philippi Children’s Centre (PCC) pool is coming to an end and Headstart will no longer be operating there as of next term, however, at our main branch, Headstart Claremont (est. 2006) it will be swimming lessons as usual.

We thank each of our sponsors for their financial (and other) support which has enabled us to teach 2760 sponsored swimming lessons. It has made such a great impact on the lives of the PCC children. Thanks to Headstart subsidisation we have also taught a further 1492 lessons to PCC pupils and 3310 lessons to other members from the wider community.

From inception, the plan was to start a swim program in Philippi and then hand it over to someone from the community who would continue to run and grow the program in order to benefit the school pupils specifically as well as the community in general. We just had to find the right person / organisation to do so. Although we are going to miss the happy faces of the Philippi pupils and our time there has been rewarding and fulfilling … the time has come to hand over to Trevor and his swim school. We believe that Trevor is the right person to take this project forward and build on what we spent the past 2 and a half years setting up.

It was not always easy but definitely very worthwhile and we are pleased with what we have achieved there. We are confident that the Philippi Children’s Centre pupils and other swimmers from the community are in good hands with Trevor and his team. Trevor is a Pastor and is also known for his work with troubled youths and his commitment to children within the community and this is yet another way for him and his team to positively impact them.

You can be sure we will be on the look out for another opportunity to get involved in community swim programs and teaching swimming to those who would otherwise not have the opportunity to learn this valuable life skill. Please feel free to contact us if you want to know more or if you would like to help us set up a similar program in a different community and please do help spread the word to others who may want to help. Email

If you wish to continue sponsoring any children at PCC going forward, you can contact Trevor’s swim school on or 082 306 8673.

He will be continuing with a sponsorship programme as well as teaching private clients.

We thank PCC pupils and parents, staff and volunteers and wish Trevor and his team all the best.

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