Myth 1

Over time, there have been wives tales about winter exposure that have left many parents confused and believing these myths. The following medical facts were given by pediatrician, Dr.Norm Payne.

Myth#1: Swimming, cold and wind may cause ear infections

Fact: Middle ear infections, common in small children, are caused by viruses or infectious colds. Typically, fluid from the Eustachian tubes in the ear, drain through the nose and throat. During illness, passages constrict, and the fluid builds up and becomes infected. Swimming causes swimmer’s ear, which is not a middle ear problem, and is more easily treated and prevented with ear drops available at your pharmacy.

Myth 2

Myth #2: Parents think a clear, runny nose is not contagious.

Fact: A clear, runny nose does not necessarily indicate a lack of infection. On the other hand, a coloured discharge does not necessarily mean infection. Other symptoms should be considered as well as the length of time the symptoms have been present. Allergies may last for a few days, while an upper-respiratory infection will usually last for ten days.

Myth 3

Myth #3: Sudden changes in temperature or getting caught in the rain will cause colds.

 Fact: If one becomes ill after experiencing these weather conditions, Dr. Payne believes the illness and the weather are just coincidence. Viruses cause colds, not the weather. However, Payne does agree changes in weather conditions may cause allergies to flare up. Sneezing and runny noses lasting a few days are indications of an allergic reaction; colds last ten days.

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